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February Book Marks

On the East coast, the end of February always feels like we’ve passed the hump and broken the ugly spine of winter.  So how better to honor my last ever school winter break than to take off for more winter in Sun Valley, Idaho?  But the truth is, winter just feels different out West.  Wait an hour and the snow squall becomes a cobalt blue sky.  The  ...

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The Shell Answer Man

Who remembers the Shell Answer Man? Shell Answer Man 1978 When I was growing up, the Shell Corporation ran a series of TV commercials that lasted for almost three decades.  In each one, the immaculately dressed Shell Answer Man offered handy dandy tips about cars and driving. Boy, back in the day, that man was an automotive authority, an icon on par  ...

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Blog Book Marks

January Book Marks

Indie Bookstore of the Month – Word After Words Books in Truckee, California. wordafterwordbooks.com/ Whenever we visit Bob’s brother Jimmy and the rest of the Truckee Woodruffs, this bookstore is one of my first stops in the picturesque Western downtown, complete with gunslinger wooden sidewalks.  It’s the best place to browse what’s new and check out  ...

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The Secret to Gift Giving…

Some men are born gift givers.  They zealously clip ads, create lists, or can file away a well-dropped hint. Others, well, others have different talents.  My husband falls into the latter category.  In all matters of gift purchasing, he must be led, like a bull with a nose ring, directly to the desired item.  As in, sent the link to the specific item in  ...

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Can The Public Witch Hunt Cease?

It’s time for the daily public sexual harassment witch hunt to stop.  I don’t speak for everyone, but I’m getting weary of revelations about some older (or not) clueless man being rightfully eviscerated for harmful and horrible behavior, some of it years ago. This isn’t an easy piece to write and here’s why:  I have always been a feminist, advocating  ...

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