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The Secret to Gift Giving…

Some men are born gift givers.  They zealously clip ads, create lists, or can file away a well-dropped hint. Others, well, others have different talents.  My husband falls into the latter category.  In all matters of gift purchasing, he must be led, like a bull with a nose ring, directly to the desired item.  As in, sent the link to the specific item in  ...

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Can The Public Witch Hunt Cease?

It’s time for the daily public sexual harassment witch hunt to stop.  I don’t speak for everyone, but I’m getting weary of revelations about some older (or not) clueless man being rightfully eviscerated for harmful and horrible behavior, some of it years ago. This isn’t an easy piece to write and here’s why:  I have always been a feminist, advocating  ...

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November & December Book Marks

November is a month of extremes.  We enter it stuffing our faces with leftover Halloween candy and we exit it stuffed like a turkey.  In the middle is Veteran’s Day, a time to pause from work, school or life and think about patriotism and those who serve our country, no matter what your politics.  To that end, I’ve included two books with a military  ...

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Blog Book Marks Life

Fall Into October

It’s still unseasonably warm as I write and it seems as if hurricanes, fires, mass shootings and other natural and man-made disasters loom in our nation’s self conscious, harbingers of a strange time.  These events remind us how little control we truly have over certain aspects of our lives.  And they make me want to escape. Reading is a wormhole to  ...

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