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April 2009

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On the Road Again

So here I am.  Today is the first day of the three week road show for the new book.  I am excited. However, I'm not supposed to admit that I can't wait to go.  Authors are supposed to moan and bemoan the travails of being on the road and the bad coffee and cramped plane seats and long delays and stiff hotel sheets and the concerns about getting some  ...

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Perfectly Imperfect is Here

So this is the week.  It's here.  My new solo effort book hits stores on Tuesday and it feels a bit like giving birth.  I'm waiting for my water to break or for the day of induction to roll along.   I'm excited that it has gotten good reviews so far-- that people have smiled, nodded their heads, laughed out loud and cried.  One of the greatest honors as  ...

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In Praise of Girlfriends

I wrote an essay this week for the website WOWoWOW.com   it says it all so rather than reprint it here, I'll post a link........    http://tinyurl.com/cblf9h Also- the May issue of  Ladies Home Journal is featuring an excerpt from my new book.  I'll be on Good Morning America on Monday and the book is out Tuesday, April 21.  ...

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The Joy of Doing Nothing

I don't often do nothing.  I don't know how to simply do nothing.  My husband  says he has never seen me sit completely still and watch a movie.  I always have to be in motion somehow-- accomplishing something-- putting pictures in a scrap book or folding laundry. I don't know if  people still darn socks, but if they did, I suppose I'd be darning socks  ...

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Remembering April Fools

Its April Fools Day and I have memories of being a kid and LOVING this day.  We would short-sheet my father;s bed.  We'd tell crazy jokes to one another and then scream "April Fools."  Life back then was a cheap thrill.  We'd go through the whole day as kids just looking for things to up-end-- to catch someone.  And at the end of the day my mother would  ...

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