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October 2009

Family Stories

Elvis’s Hair

Did I really just see that on the news?  Really?  A clump of what they believe is Elvis's hair went on the auction blocked and fetched something with multiple zeroes after it? The picture on  the news made me reel back in horror.  It was a black, snarled tangle of hair, supposedly shaved off when Elvis famously joined the Army around the time of the  ...

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Writer’s Block

Well, it happens to all of us.  I have writer's block and its OK.  I simply don't feel like writing and all of my fall/halloween/ work duties are overwhelming me. In fact, I don't feel so hot. Could it be swine flu?  Please Lord, no.  So I'm going to crawl under the covers right now and fend it off.  I have a son coming home form college today and I  ...

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