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January 2012


When The See Saw Tips

When our dog Tucker died, hit by a car in front of my eyes, I was struck in the days that followed by the way grief, relief and guilt could co-exist in such a cozy fashion.  I cried my eyes out as I carried his broken body back to the house.  But in the aftermath of shock, I felt an uneasy peace that the yippy, ankle biting, stranger- phobic  ...

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Help me.  I’m drowning.  Drowning in emails.  Each day a new tsunami of sometimes meaningful, mostly useless, trivial, occasionally important and often spammy  correspondence washes ashore on my laptop like ocean detritus and it’s my job to pick through it.  My friends are even hawking Viagra, although some claim  ...

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New Year Brings Exciting News!

I’ve got two pieces of news to share.  So I’ll get right down to it: MY FIRST NOVEL – comes out in September.  “Those We Love Most” has been a three-year labor of love and I am excited to share the finished product.  I’m scheduling book events, talks and signings for the fall — so let’s talk  ...

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Cooking Family

Beauty of Eating-Good food really does cure all

This weeks contribution from my sis Nancy on Clean Eating….. The biggest change to hit our house since the invention of Tivo and the discovery of Foodpanda service – is Jodi McGinty, a cross between Heidi Klum and mother nature. She makes her living in other people’s kitchens as a “whole and living foods” chef. It started with a non-specific  ...

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