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September 2017

Blog Book Marks Life

September Book Marks

Back to work, school and the routine, which hopefully includes reading.  The lazy days of summer are gone, but there’s a virtual American Idol season’s-worth of talent in the books out this September. Many of you expressed the desire to click and buy right away, so you’ll now be able to do so when you click on this link.  Each month I’ll feature an  ...

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Blog The Bob Woodruff Foundation Veterans

The Climb, The Give and How You Can Help (Without Opening your Wallet)

I don’t have any interest in going to space and I’m not a mountain climber. There isn’t one ounce of me that feels a burning desire to rope myself to other human beings, attach spikes to my feet and climb to the roof of the sky. But I understand the importance of a journey. I’m married to an adrenaline junkie, a man who loves adventure, but it is more  ...

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