As co-author of the New York Times best-selling In an Instant, Lee Woodruff garnered critical acclaim for the compelling and humorous chronicle of her family’s journey to recovery following her husband Bob’s roadside bomb injury in Iraq. Appearing on national television and as keynote speakers since the February 2007 publication of their book, the couple has helped put a face on the serious issue of traumatic brain injury among returning Iraq war veterans, as well as the millions of Americans who live with this often invisible, but life-changing affliction.

They have founded the Bob Woodruff Foundation to assist injured service members and their families heal from the wounds of war. To date, the non-profit foundation has raised more than $27 million and invested in grassroots organizations and programs around the country that are helping veterans successfully reintegrate into their communities and receive critical long-term care.

Woodruff is a contributing reporter for “CBS This Morning” and a contributing editor for Working Mother magazine.  Woodruff runs a media training/speaker presentation business for clients who want to polish their performance.  Her best-selling book Perfectly Imperfect – A Life in Progress, was followed by her first novel “Those We Love Most,” which became a New York Times Best-Seller and won the Washington Irving Book Award for fiction.

A freelance writer, Woodruff has penned numerous personal articles about her family and parenting that have run in magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, MORE, and Parade.

Woodruff is a trustee and alumnus of Colgate University and an avid lover of the Adirondack region. She lives in Westchester County, New York, with her husband and four children.


Pieces of Me:

Each of us is composed of many mosaic pieces, which are continually changing and reorganizing themselves at different parts of our lives.  This is who I am, in the here and now.

  • I’m a half empty nester.  The first two are grown and flown and the second two are ruffling their feathers—or sometimes mine—which makes me much more keen on being THERE when I’m there.
  • I’m passionate about veterans and proud of our work with the Bob Woodruff Foundation.  We are currently brainstorming with a smart group of folks to build an ambitious solution to provide support for our military families.  Stay tuned.
  • I’m a late in life dog lover. Our Coton de Tullier ( a really stuffy name for a little white dog) has stolen my heart.  It’s like having a teddy bear as a grown woman, although I admit hating to have to walk him.
  • I’m happiest outdoors.  Hiking, swimming, gardening or walking immediately restores my spirit and lifts my heart.
  • I’m much more aware of the importance of faith in life, of simply believing in something bigger than you, whatever form that takes.  Sometimes, it’s all you got.
  • I still get my news mostly the old fashioned way.  I love the feeling of the newspaper in my hands and the evening news on in the kitchen when I’m making dinner.
  • As the oldest sister of three girls and the initial protector, I’ve watched the lines blur with time pass and I marvel at the ways in which we all care-take one another.
  • Dahlias are my favorite flower. I’m not an opera fan; “Crossing to Safety” is my favorite book and I don’t like old black and white movies.