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July-August Book Marks

This month’s spotlight on an indie is a shout-out to Kepler’s Bookstore, founded in Menlo Park in 1955. With a fiercely groovy Bay Area backstory (The Grateful Dead and Joan Baez performed there) and a goal to democratize reading, the bookstore became the cultural epicenter and social heart of the community until eroding sales in 2005 forced it to close  ...

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Blog Book Marks

June Book Marks

Summer months were made for reading, whether you’re at the beach, lake, mountains or on your backyard hammock. As I downshift into six weeks of summer, I’m  ...

Blog Book Marks

May Book Marks

The month of May is chock-a-block with good things.  Mothers Day… OK, I lied, I’m not a fan of this manufactured day of worship. Every single day should be  ...