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We live in an instantaneous world.

Staying relevant, communicating effectively and being a storyteller are more critical than ever to stand out and make an impact.

Every speaking occasion should result in a high impact connection.  Mastery requires insight, experience and practice. You can learn to be a great communicator and present yourself in a powerful way.  Like any skill, it can be taught and strengthened. 

Together, we’ll identify areas for improvement and then work to amplify and polish your skills.  Self-awareness is an important part of this process.

Once you understand how you can improve, the rest of the process is simply doing it.  And then doing it again.

Strengthening your communications skills, tightening delivery, controlling a media interview and polishing your message should and can be fun.  Yes, I said fun.

Here’s how I work:

Polish Your Message
and Amplify Your Presence

Customized Training Sessions


Build On Your Strengths/Sharpen Your Skills

We’ll refine and personalize your message content, body language, voice and intonation and powerful anecdotes. 

The goal is to be memorable, authentic and to ensure you are prepared, in control and confident in situations that include:  


With 30 years in branding/marketing and experience as a journalist and public speaker, Woodruff brings personal knowledge and a hands-on, story-telling approach to her media and communications coaching.  Each training, whether for internal or external audiences, is customized to the client’s needs and specifications.  Whether it’s a presentation, sales team training, product launch, public speaking situation or prep for a media engagement, Woodruff’s sessions help every client engage their potential and amplify presence in every communications situation.

She started her own marketing business 30 years ago, working with clients in almost every business sector, from technology, financial services, healthcare, automotive and travel to consumer products, pharmaceuticals and energy.

In addition, Woodruff has enjoyed a successful career in journalism, including roles as a contributing reporter for ABC’s Good Morning America and more recently with CBS This Morning. Lee is a renowned public speaker and the author of three best-selling books.

Woodruff and her husband Bob, the ABC “World News Tonight” anchor who was injured in Iraq, co-founded the Bob Woodruff Foundation. The national non-profit organization assists post 9-11 injured service members and their families with the transition to the home front. Lee has received numerous honors for this work on behalf of our nation’s veterans.

Learn more about Woodruff Communications training here….  leewoodruff.com/executive-media-and-presentation-training/

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