Fun with Fungus..

I wanted to be a botanist until I got a C in college.   But I love plants and all the shades of green from spring to fall, make me content.  It feels good to grow things, even spiky old cacti cheer me up.  Cutting flowers and putting them in a vase just raise my endorphins.  But it’s not just the pretty things.  I find the most interesting parts of nature are sometimes found under the leaves and on the fringes of the meadows and woods.  Some of the coolest things in nature are CREEPY.

As Halloween approaches, we’re going to have a little fun with fungus.  These strange, slimy, smelly, elegant and cute little ‘shrooms are just waiting to be named.  These photos were collected from hikes this summer in order to save them up for this contest.  So, make up a crazy Halloween name, enter it in the giveaways page here or above and at the end of the week you will win a Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit! (seen on Open Sky)

Happy Halloween! Lee

Mushroom 1.


Mushroom 2.


Mushroom 3.


Mushroom 4.


Mushroom 5.


Mushroom 6.


Mushroom 7.


Mushroom 8.


Mushroom 9.

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