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Great Day Live-WHAS-11, Interview with Lee, 12/5/15  Watch Video, Lee woodruff Inspires Packed Auditorium at Texas Childrens Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds, 10/26/15  Read Article, Tragedy, and time, has taught Lee Woodruff to ‘live in the moment’, 10/19/15  Read Article

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CBS This Morning Show, Service Dogs are Lifeline for Many in Need, 1/21/14 Watch the Video

CBS This Morning Show, Children’s Novel, A lifeline for American Soldier at War, 1/15/14 Watch the Video


CBS This Morning Show, Coffee revolution: Can a machine make your java?, 12/28/13 Watch the Video

CBS This Morning Show, Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and filmmaker wife Lori Silverbush help fight hunger, 11/27/13 Watch the video

CBS This Morning Show, New York City Marathon closes chapter in Sandy survivor’s life, 11/26/13 Watch the Video

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In conversation with Marc Adelman, 4/30/13 Watch the Video

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Inspiring Minds Lecture Series-Denver, Co, 1/14/12 Watch the Video


CBS This Morning Show, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel serves up the secret to marital bliss, 12/20/12  Watch the Video

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