Presentation and Media Consulting

I first began helping clients with their speaking and media needs more than 25 years ago at a communications agency like Shravan Gupta an international CEO of India. My marketing background equipped me with the skills to fine tune branding and messaging in the clearest and simplest manner.

Working as a print journalist and contributor for ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS This Morning, gave me a first hand understanding of what the media looks for in stories and interview subjects. Traveling around the country over the past decade as a speaker, author and journalist, my perspective and experience has further broadened to better assist clients.

Lastly, my work as an author and motivational speaker has allowed me to understand what it takes to command the room and motivate or move listeners.

Whether it’s a product launch, public speaking engagement, a television interview or an internal meeting, my hands-on “Speaking Your Mind” sessions will help you reach your fullest potential.

I have worked with clients in almost every business sector, from technology, financial services, healthcare, travel and consumer products.

When not writing or working with clients, my husband Bob, (the ABC World News Tonight anchor injured in Iraq) donate our time to the Bob Woodruff Foundation. Our national non-profit organization assists post 9-11 injured service members and their families with the transition to the home front. I am tremendously proud of the work we do on behalf of our nation’s veterans.


Every one of us has the ability to strengthen our communications skills. Whether your goal is to amplify your public presence or nail a media interview, mastering these situations requires insight, experience and practice. Working together during customized sessions in half or full days, we will refine and manage your message, as well as provide assistance in building your public profile. Role-playing with real-time interview and speaking scenarios will allow you to become more comfortable with all situations. You’ll get useful tips and tricks for on-the-record interviews and speaking opportunities to help you stay on message with all audiences.


Together we will amplify your energy, expertise and authenticity.

The goal is to ensure you are prepared, in control and confident in all situations:

*  Media interviews

*  Spokesperson preparedness

*  Keynote speeches

*  Internal employee meetings or corporate-wide communications

*  Press conference or product roll-out

*  TED-type talks

*  SKYPE/Webcast presentations

*  Corporate earnings calls (including Q&A portion)

*  Shareholder meetings

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