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February 2020 Book Marks

February is a short month.  And in the spirit of brevity (and with many good books below) I’ll keep this one short.  In fact, not to get all philosophical, but in the scheme of things, life is short.  Basketball great Kobe Bryant’s death was a reminder that none of us has our hands on the script.  At a place in time where it feels like hate and words  ...

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The Secret to Gift Giving

Some men are born gift givers.  They zealously clip ads, create lists, or file away a well-dropped hint.  Others have different talents.  My husband falls into the latter category.  In all matters of gift purchasing, he must be led, like a bull with a nose ring, directly to the desired item.  As in, sent the link to the specific item in the appropriate  ...

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Face Reading

I was more than a little skeptical when a friend gave me the gift of a face reading session.  I’d seen those movies where the fortune-teller works a scam under the table. And google certainly takes the guesswork out of meeting strangers.  One look at my social media and you know the basics about my life, love and hobbies. Which is why I was pleasantly  ...

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