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Will you take a #Stand4Heroes with us …And which shoes will you be wearing?


IMG_6261When I recently posted the picture of Bob’s boots for his 10th Alive Day, we were stunned by the response.

So many of you sent your own heartfelt stories; tales of survival and triumph, moments where you were tested or felt joy. And you sent pictures. Beautiful pictures of your boots and flat feet running shoes.

You wanted us to know that you too were standing tall—for a cause, a loved one, as a family, or for those who have proudly served.

Without even meaning to, you started a movement. So in honor of the journey that Bob and all of our returning veterans have made in their shoes, we wanted to make it easy for you to salute our heroes through social media.

It’s simple: Using the hashtag #Stand4Heroes, post a photo—or better yet, a video—of boots or shoes that hold meaning for you.

Tell us why a moment in them was important to you and then pass it on to a friend, or a few. If you are so moved, click here to donate in honor of a veteran who is currently walking their own path in life.

And if you know someone who served or is serving, please pass this on to them as a way to honor all of those who raise their hands to go when their country asks.