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Will you take a #Stand4Heroes with us …And which shoes will you be wearing?

  When I recently posted the picture of Bob’s boots for his 10th Alive Day, we were stunned by the response. So many of you sent your own heartfelt stories; tales of survival and triumph, moments where you were tested or felt joy. And you sent pictures. Beautiful pictures of your boots and shoes. You wanted us to know that you too were standing  ...

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A Remarkable Person

Things come in bunches.  And so this spring was a season of loss when first a friend passed away, then my mother-in-law, and finally another extraordinary woman, whom I actually only met three times in person, but who impacted the world in important and aspirational ways. The remarkable Helen Persson was 95 years old when she died.  And  ...

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The War Bike

There’s a butterfly scar on my left knee that I refer to as my war injury.  It’s the legacy of a spectacular crash into a metal telephone pole support, while riding what my sisters and I fondly called “The War Bike.”    The War Bike had been my mother’s childhood transportation in the years following World  ...

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