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Power of Hair Lost &Found

For anyone who has battled cancer, lost to cancer, kicked cancer’s butt, slow-danced with cancer, supported a loved one with cancer and wanted to see the flower grow out of the crack in the cement sidewalk… well, if cancer is the dark crack…my friend Sandy, and her band of volunteers, are the beautiful flowers. Look what one idea can do to spread  ...

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The Gift of Girlfriends

No MaTTER WHAT LIFE bRINGS, i KNOW WHO i CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON. “I don’t have breast cancer,” I sobbed in relief as I hung up with my doctor. Ten bewildered faces turned to look at me. My best friends hadn’t even known cancer was a possibility. Our college gang gets together every other year, and during a recent girls’ weekend I’d vowed to wait it  ...

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Lung cancer.  That will stop a conversation.  More than any of the frightening medical diagnoses, that one seems extra ominous.  Someone utters the words “lung cancer” and I think of devastating, almost insurmountable odds.   At the age of 32, that’s what Lee Rhodes was told when she learned that her worrisome  ...

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