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Lung cancer.  That will stop a conversation.  More than any of the frightening medical diagnoses, that one seems extra ominous.  Someone utters the words “lung cancer” and I think of devastating, almost insurmountable odds.   At the age of 32, that’s what Lee Rhodes was told when she learned that her worrisome  ...

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Summer Bribes

When I joined my DNA with my husband’s, there were many unanswered questions. Would my recessive blonde genes triumph over his green eyes and dark hair?  Would our kids inherit his more mathematical and logical mind?  Would his laid back attitude trump my more tightly wired list-making one?  No matter. Those were all things we had  ...

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Hand Over Heart

Several thousand of us thundered to our feet for the national anthem at a recent college graduation. Predictably, these types of events are choked with the emotion of life’s passages.  I had been observing parents on the bleachers hugging family members and wincing back tears.  The graduates on the field, roasting in dark caps and gowns,  ...

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Article in Parade: Coming Back to Life

Hi there!  I recently published an article in Parade on the importance of struggle, survival, and staying positive. As the nation roots for Gabrielle Giffords’s recovery, the wife of ABC’s Bob Woodruff talks about the long road back from brain injury By Lee Woodruff  After my husband, Bob, called to tell me about the shooting of  ...

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