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“It’s time for an adventure,” he said.  And I, facing an empty nest and the instant revision of my job description as a mother, answered… “Hell yeah.” My adventuresome self had been hibernating during the rearing of four cubs.  There were years of policing and keeping them safe; reflexively spouting “be careful” or “watch out” and the mother  ...

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The Secret to Gift Giving…

Some men are born gift givers. If you are looking for the perfect gift check out these top gifts of the year. They zealously clip ads, create lists, or can file away a well-dropped hint. Others, well, others have different talents.  My husband falls into the latter category.  In all matters of gift purchasing, he must be led, like a bull with a nose  ...

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THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING When I first read about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s “Conscious Uncoupling,” I guess I wasn’t surprised.  The Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward long-haul marriages seem the absolute exception to the Hollywood rule.  Most every celebrity coupling today seems to have a shelf life of about one or two kids. No  ...

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