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Remembering April Fools

Its April Fools Day and I have memories of being a kid and LOVING this day.  We would short-sheet my father;s bed.  We’d tell crazy jokes to one another and then scream “April Fools.”  Life back then was a cheap thrill.  We’d go through the whole day as kids just looking for things to up-end– to catch someone.  And at the end of the day my mother would serve breakfast for dinner. 

I’m getting both nervous and excited for “Perfectly Imperfect” to come out.  The book tour will be energizing and grueling.  It gets harder and harder to leave my kids for long periods of time but I’m also lucky to be on the road in today’s economy and world of publishing.

I think reading is the perfect cure for the economic blues.  Curl up and escape with a fiction or non-fiction book and step outside of yourself.

this week’s word is “saucy” – not as in hollandaise– but as in impudence.


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  4. Susie

    September 21, 2009 at 4:26 am

    Saucy has always been one if my favorites. I have used it w my kids saying w a slight accent” well my aren’t we saucy”. Thought of you when my daughter Bridget & I caught Love Happens. A love if words is a sub strand of film. KS

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