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For those of you who never met my Dad, or who knew him only in the last few years when Alzheimer’s had a vice grip on his life, I wanted to share a little something of David F. McConaughy. He was married to my mother, Terry, for 58 years and was a father for just shy of 55. He was the last generation of an industrial era, working his way up one company  ...

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Power of Hair Lost &Found

For anyone who has battled cancer, lost to cancer, kicked cancer’s butt, slow-danced with cancer, supported a loved one with cancer and wanted to see the flower grow out of the crack in the cement sidewalk… well, if cancer is the dark crack…my friend Sandy, and her band of volunteers, are the beautiful flowers. Look what one idea can do to spread  ...

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The Gift of an Uncool Mom

My mother’s idea of a beauty regimen is Ivory soap and a slash of red lipstick.  She’s a frugal Yankee sort, never one to pore over the NYT style section or spend time gazing in mirrors, sucking in her cheeks and tummy.  I routinely find her wearing — and I kid you not — clothes I discarded in high school. It’s important to point out here that I am 54  ...

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THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING When I first read about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s “Conscious Uncoupling,” I guess I wasn’t surprised.  The Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward long-haul marriages seem the absolute exception to the Hollywood rule.  Most every celebrity coupling today seems to have a shelf life of about one or two kids. No  ...

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