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Call Me…Maybe?

I hate the phone.  Let me just put that right out there.  Oh sure, I call my sisters and girlfriends to chat, usually when I’m driving or cruising the grocery store aisles.   I like a good old catch-up convo as much as the next gal.  But when expediency is called for, the phone can suck time like a black hole.  Set aside  ...

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Humor Laughter

DAD TO THE RESCUE — The Final Installment

For those of you diligent enough to read along thus far, we’ve had a semi-successful prom proposal, a trip to Paris and then an emergency appendectomy just when it all started to sound “Up With People” perfect.  After spending the few remaining night hours post-surgery upright in a vinyl version of a crippled barka lounger —  ...

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I will buy new towels and sheets. I will not use threadbare and frayed ones just because I have them. I will use all my lotions and potions and I will burn candles. I will not save things for later. I will tell everyone how much I love them whenever the mood strikes — and I will tell them when they do little things that amaze me; simple things they  ...

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