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I was more than a little skeptical when a friend gave me the gift of a face reading session.  I’d seen those movies where the fortune-teller works a scam under the table. And google certainly takes the guesswork out of meeting strangers.  One look at my social media and you know the basics about my life, love and hobbies.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I came face to face (so to speak) with Eric Standop, a professional face reader with a pleasant demeanor of his own and a soft German accent.

Standop contends that we’re all born face readers, wired from birth to seek out facial features, emotions and connections that become our first language.  Our brains have dedicated circuits for processing facial information.  In fact, when that area of the brain is damaged, a “face blindness” can occur, which is a huge social handicap for anyone afflicted.

The ancient art of face reading uses facial characteristics to describe personality and determine the future.  Almost every ancient culture has a face-reading tradition, but what Standop practices is a mix of Greek and Chinese traditions.

In his new book, “Read the Face – Face Reading for Success in Your Career, Relationships and Health,” Standop covers everything from the history to the mechanics of face-reading. Through sketches and case studies he paints a compelling picture of what our faces say about what’s inside and offers tools to tap into your own natural face reading abilities and learn more about yourself in the process.

The various regions of the face correspond to different aspects of our personality or characteristics; including love, drive, career, prosperity, business, health, friendship and power.

The first thing to establish is your face shape, which is the door-opener to personality, bestowed at birth. Every baby has a personality and there are only so many shapes, so they are not highly individual. However, character, the combination of traits that define us, is what we add through friends, family, school and culture.

It would be far too narcissistic to recount my reading, but I found the experience very interesting. Standop encouraged me to tape the session on my iPhone so I could replay it later and take notes. I sat back and listened, interjecting questions from time to time, as I tried to connect his reading with my real life experiences and feelings.

He ended by telling me I was sorely lacking in magnesium, and that my stress ends up on my neck and shoulders.  Both of those things are true.

A few months later, I finally sat down to listen to the tapes and transcribe the important parts.  Toward the end of the session I held my pen as Standop said, “And now, I’m going to tell you about your future.”

The phone rang and my mother’s number lit up. I sighed, pressed pause and picked up the receiver.  If I answered now, it would be one less thing to do later.

When I returned to my iPhone, the recording was gone.  My stomach sank.  Nothing.  Nada.  Deleted.

“Maybe its better not to know,” My sister consoled me as I complained about my clumsy thumbs.  Where would the fun be in life if all our predictions came true?

So far, I’d like to report that all is well.

If you’re interested in face reading or contacting Eric you can reach him at




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