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Face Reading

I was more than a little skeptical when a friend gave me the gift of a face reading session.  I’d seen those movies where the fortune-teller works a scam under the table. And google certainly takes the guesswork out of meeting strangers.  One look at my social media and you know the basics about my life, love and hobbies. Which is why I was pleasantly  ...

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Slowing Down Summer

It’s summer time.  And that means I’m going to be just a little bit quiet for the next eight weeks. It’s time to finish this next novel that’s dragged on like a bad cold for the past two years.  The book tour in the fall and then on the road again in the first of the year- the joy of this paperback release were amazing  ...

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Help me.  I’m drowning.  Drowning in emails.  Each day a new tsunami of sometimes meaningful, mostly useless, trivial, occasionally important and often spammy  correspondence washes ashore on my laptop like ocean detritus and it’s my job to pick through it.  My friends are even hawking Viagra, although some claim  ...

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