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The Joy of Doing Nothing

I don't often do nothing.  I don't know how to simply do nothing.  My husband  says he has never seen me sit completely still and watch a movie.  I always have to be in motion somehow-- accomplishing something-- putting pictures in a scrap book or folding laundry. I don't know if  people still darn socks, but if they did, I suppose I'd be darning socks  ...

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Welcome to my website

So here it is. My first website. You found me and I’m so glad you did. Lee Woodruff.com. Kind of scary. Like a brand: a type of ketchup, pantyhose or fabric softener. And there is a huge part of me, with only two books under my belt that feels like a complete fraud having a website at all. Don’t you have to BE somebody to have a website? But here I am,  ...

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