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Photos from the road

Here are some photos from Lee’s recent appearance at Hooks Books in Washington, DC.  Enjoy!


  1. Jane Allen

    July 11, 2009 at 12:41 am

    I just want to thank you for touching so many hearts at the recent SHRM conference in New Orleans. I was attending the conference and had the honor of hearing you speak on Wednesday morning. It was inspiring to hear you speak of those early days of your husband’s recovery. Your words were also amazingly funny and light. I went right out and bought your book, Perfectly Imperfect. There are so many times we, as women, feel so alone in our feelings. The reality is we are all in this crazy life together. My husband was in the Army and is now in sales. We moved 11 times in 15 years. We managed to have three beautiful daughters – two born in Germany. The moves were both taxing and adventuresome. In most cases, I was left behind to pack the house, kids, dog, and follow my husband. Your anecdotes about moving and learning a new town, country, neighborhood were reaffirming. Thank you for being who you are. Keep writing.

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