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“It’s time for an adventure,” he said.  And I, facing an empty nest and the instant revision of my job description as a mother, answered… “Hell yeah.” My adventuresome self had been hibernating during the rearing of four cubs.  There were years of policing and keeping them safe; reflexively spouting “be careful” or “watch out” and the mother  ...

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On the Road A Little More

OK-- so the long part of the trek is over.  Three weeks for the book and it was fun, exhilarating and exhausting.  I missed my family.  Headed for another few days for the book here on the east coast and then over Memorial Day I will have the time to read your comments and answer them.  I'm so pleased at all you have written and how much you like the  ...

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On the Road Again

So here I am.  Today is the first day of the three week road show for the new book.  I am excited. However, I'm not supposed to admit that I can't wait to go.  Authors are supposed to moan and bemoan the travails of being on the road and the bad coffee and cramped plane seats and long delays and stiff hotel sheets and the concerns about getting some  ...

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